President’s Word

Be it on an individual, organizational or on a national level, how we humans interact in our work environment has a long-lastingand deep-seated impact on society. The art of Human Resource management could be said to be as old as human history; yet, it is only in the last few decades that it has attracted greater academic research and sociological analysis, especially within organizations – as evidenced by the phenomenal growth in the body of knowledge in this area.

Our aim in setting up The Omani Society for Human Resource Management (OSHRM), was to establish in Oman a focal point for HR expertise, and to create a forum to bring together the numerous individuals working in this fieldwithin our country. We are very keen to develop the local HR capability as much by engendering knowledge and debateas by introducing the latest international concepts and skills.

OSHRM was established formally as a learned society on May 21, 2014 under a Ministerial Decree. It is the only entity of its kind in Oman.Having said that, conceptualising and bringing it forth into reality would not have been possible without the invaluable support and guidance of the Shoura Council and the Ministry of Social Development. To them we owe our collective appreciation and gratitude.

To ensure a fairly wide dissemination of HR Management skills we have opened the OSHRM membership to professionalsas well as studentswithin the private and public sectors. The cascading of knowledge from the seasoned professionals to the novices and students is vital for the continuous development and growth of this invaluable discipline.

OSHRM’s key objectives are:

  • To achieve more consistency in Human Resources Management between employers, and between the public & private sectors.
  • To raise the standards of Human Resources Management overall. This will be achieved by first establishing credibility within the profession.

Over time, as the benefits of OSHRM begin to flow through organisations and the society in generalso will its recognition and momentum. We expect this will generate even more support, and interaction, from the private and the public sectors.

OHSRM is also keen to develop a co-operative relationship with the government and, where necessary and relevant, provide input andexpertiseinimportant policy decisions that may affect Human Resources Management within the public sector. To facilitate that we aim toincrease our understanding and awareness of the policy-setting landscape (who does what) amongst the various public sector bodies: government, trade unions, OPAL etc. This awareness will prepare us to make significant contributions to the overall society within the country.

However, there are some minimum standards we are seeking to establish.The process of doing this is well underway as evidenced by the production of a user-friendly booklet titled “Leadership Development Guidelines” This reference guide is designed to support subject matter experts (SME’s), new managers and start-up companies to develop their leadership competencies. Indeed, the material is also usefulto anyone seeking to increase their knowledge in HR Management, and/or leadership development. Further material along these lines will be produced in the future.

A core aspect of our initiative is tonurture a new generations of HR experts. To that end, we have partnered with several colleges and universities to provide membership, education and network opportunities to students during their educational journey.

It would be remiss of me not to mention the various unsung heroes who have laboured tirelessly to lift this whole project off the ground. A special thanks to the following parties:

  • The committee team leaders and volunteers.No endeavour of such magnitude is possible without the collective efforts and selfless dedication of people who see in this venture the development of a new vision for our country. You are true pioneers!
  • The various sponsors who have been an integral part of OSHRM. Your continuingfinancial and professional supportgives us not only the opportunity to facilitate quality events, but is also essential tohelp materialise this unique initiative.

Last but not least, we aim to take this great endeavour from strength to strength and make it an integral part of our country and society.

OSHRM Chairman
Ghalib Al Hosni